WASTE, is not waste until we waste it. When we look around on the street, all we see is litter, dirt, smoke, leaking water. Where do you think this all comes from ?

It comes from us, we the people create all of this but we do not dispose it properly. Just think how much waste you produce in a day, from the process of making, packaging and transporting. In most of the world, including North America, we do one of two things with our ordinary garbage: burn, bury or litter it. Neither one is good for us or for the environment. Burning garbage in incinerators releases dangerous gases and dust (particulate matter) which contribute to global warming and pollute lakes, forests, oceans and cities half a world away from where they originated. Most incinerators in industrialized countries now remove large quantities of particles and pollutants, thus ensuring cleaner air. But the bulk of what they remove ends up in a landfill.
The average American creates around 2 kilos of trash everyday.Just think why there is so much garbage, this is because of the amount of non biodegradable waste we produce. These wastes cannot rot into the soil through the action of micro-organisms therefore it is difficult to dispose in an eco-friendly manner. Also the biodegradable waste we produce is not disposed properly, they should go to landfills. Now you must be wondering that the waste I produce cannot be that hazardous, however only 13% - 20% of Municipal Solid Waste produced is recyclable. Municipal Solid waste includes Food waste, paper, plastic, rags, glass that is used by us in day to day life etc. The United States itself creates around 220 million tons of municipal solid waste a year and it only constitutes 4% of the world population.